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It's that time of the year again -- our 10th Annual Employee Benefits Symposium! Every year we host this event as an opportunity to curate and present the most popular and innovative trending topics that we can find in the field of retirement plans, human resources, healthcare, employee benefits and more.

This year, we will be holding our symposium at the National Union Building on Wednesday, May 16th at 8:30 AM. 

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At our flagship event, you will have access to a fresh perspective on topics ranging from healthcare to technology. You will also be able network with other professionals from a variety of industries, engage with speakers at the top of their fields, and learn...

How to develop a strong benefits offering that will engage your employees

Encouraging your employees to become more "financially fit" through company branded initiatives

Make benefits fun through "gamification" and healthy competition among employees

You will hear from a plethora of amazing expert speakers. This year, our industry experts will share strategies to help organizations communicate and connect with their employees, develop a cutting-edge retirement plan structure, explore HSAs and the health benefits trends, and much more!

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    Kate Livingston | CMS Associates                         & Harvard University                                       

Keynote on “How Your Employees Think”

        Jeff Bograd | John Hancock                       

Design Your Retirement Program         for the Tomorrow

        Tim Hayden | Corporate Synergies           

HSAs and the Future of Medical Benefits

Click here to view our full agenda 

We also use this event to share our appreciate all of the hard work our clients deliver each day to provide for their employees with our "Plan Fiduciary and Plan Administrator of the Year" awards. 

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How to Get Here By Metro

The National Union Building is located approximately two blocks away from the Gallery Pl-Chinatown Metro Station. After exiting the station, walk south on 9th St NW toward F St NW, then make a right onto F St NW and walk until you reach the National Union Building. It will be on your left hand side. 

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