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We had another successful Employee Benefits Symposium at the National Union Building! We learned so much from our speakers and we hope you got a lot out of it too and walked away with innovative ideas that you can implement within your organizations' retirement plan! Whether you need a refresher, or missed our event, feel free to check out our pictures, the presenters, and their ideas below! 

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5 Ways Technology will change the way you age (1)




We strive to give you access to the freshest ideas on topics ranging from healthcare to technology, but if you want to review any of our speakers presentations, we have them ready and waiting for you-- our goal through our symposium is to give you the tools and resources to provide the best benefits and education for your employees! 

Download our speaker's presentations here!

You heard from amazing expert speakers this year, now take some time to learn more about them!

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5 Ways Technology will change the way you age (9).png

5 Ways Technology will change the way you age (8).png

    Kate Livingston | CMS Associates                         & Harvard University                              

Keynote on “How Your Employees Think”

        Jeff Bograd | John Hancock                       

Design Your Retirement Program         for the Tomorrow

        Tim Hayden | Corporate Synergies           

HSAs and the Future of Medical Benefits

Lastly, we closed out our symposium by recognizing two individuals, who consistently go above and beyond for their employees. This year, we were proud to present our "Plan Fiduciary and Plan Administrator of the Year" awards to Carrie Reges from Transforce and Jeff Hurdle from AdvaMed, congratulations! 


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