Join the Wallet Watch Challenge

July 2, 2018 - August 31, 2018 

Presented by AFS 401(k) Retirement Services


Ready to Join? 

1. Fill out and submit the form to your right to secure your spot in the Wallet Watch Challenge. Don't forget to provide a code name that will be used to identify yourself on our leader board! 

2. Download our Spending Plan here, which will help you organize and track all of your expenses, build your budget and earn more points throughout the challenge. 

3. Join one of our kick-off webinars and earn your first 10 points! Watch our kick-off webinar here

4. Follow Jim Keenehan as he completes our challenge with you! He will be posting his journey through the MoneyNav Facebook and Twitter pages. (And he might announce unique opportunities for points there as well!) 

So, What is the Wallet Watch Challenge? 

Sure, there are many tools out there to help you save more and spend less, but doing them on your own is hard! Our interactive 60-day Wallet Watch Challenge comes with a toolkit of resources, accountability, and a bunch of unique benefits to help you jump start your financial life.

Each week, you will receive an email from our team on topics ranging from budgeting basics and debt reduction to credit cards and emergency savings. Through the weekly check-ins, we will provide you with actionable steps you can take to develop critical, "smart" money habits and improve your financial health. For example, we might challenge you to refrain from using a credit card or bring lunch from home over the course of a week. 

Once a month, we will also ask you to complete a brief survey letting us know how you are doing. Are you spending less, and saving more? Was there an area you'd like to improve? Any roadblocks or milestones you conquered? Each action you take along the journey will give you an opportunity to earn points and rise through the leaderboard. 

So why join the challenge?

Almost everyone we know wants to do a better job managing their money. 

Bonus - every participant who earns at least 75 points throughout the challenge will be eligible for our prizes! 

Achieve Financial Freedom:

Wallet Watch provides a system for you to hold yourself accountable by monitoring your finances with our customizable Spending Plan.

You will have direct contact with our team through regular check-in's to make sure you're following through with the goals you have set for the challenge. You will also receive exclusive educational resources on financial topics that are all backed by our team of trusted advisors.

Compete Against Friends & Colleagues:
Networking.jpg Challenge your friends and encourage each other throughout the 60-days. You can then check our weekly leader board updates to see how you stack-up against one another and provide that extra motivation to conquer each challenge. 
Win Awesome Prizes:
retail-icons-11.png When checking your weekly standing on the leader board, also check out how many points you have accumulated along your journey. Each participant who earns at least 75 points will receive an awesome prize!