What Type of Fiduciary Should Your Retirement Plan Have?

The retirement plan industry has a problem – jargon. While speaking the language is second nature to those who live every day in retirement plan consulting, it’s important that we act as ambassadors and translate the convoluted acronyms and industry slang, so our partners and retirement committee members have the knowledge they need to manage their plan with confidence.

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6 Ways to Protect Yourself as a New Fiduciary

Okay, you have accepted the invitation to become a fiduciary for your company’s retirement plan. Now what? Here’s a simple rule to follow: As a plan fiduciary, you must always act in the best interest of the plan’s participants and their beneficiaries. No exceptions!

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed as you prepare for your first retirement plan committee meeting, so to help we have assembled a few best practices to help you get ready.

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Trends and Innovations in Employee Benefits: Ideas You Need to Know

Kacy Reece

Kacy Reece

Blog Post


For the past several years, we've produced an annual Trends and Innovations in Employee

 Benefits report. This report compiles some of the biggest trends, ideas, and initiatives impacting organizations and companies with respect to employee benefits, engagement, and human capitol management. As we prepared for our tenth installment our team worked diligently to continue our mission of delivering fresh, forward-thinking topics with high quality ideas shared from industry leaders, practitioners, and peers. 

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Is Financial Wellness Making an Impact for Employees?

“Are my employees on track for their financial picture?”

It's a question we get asked all the time, and whether you're an employee at an organization, an HR  executive, or a Retirement Plan Committee member, everyone wants to know if financial wellness programs are worth all the “buzz”. In this short video, I give my thoughts on why meaningful financial wellness programs are so essential, and I also encourage anyone to check out our 2017 whitepaper, Beyond Retirement: An Examination of Financial Wellness for Employers. This report aims to provide a clearer picture of what an average working American's financial situation looks like and how organizations can create programs to help their employees reach goals throughout their career for today, tomorrow, and their long-term future. 


financial wellness data white paper



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