Join the Wallet Watch Challenge

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Wallet Watch is a 90-Day Challenge where our team helps you achieve goals like overcoming poor spending habits, finding ways to save more, and re-energizing your financial life. Throughout the challenge, we help you track your spending & expenses, provide customized educational resources, opportunities to check in with our team to keep you on track, and chances to win awesome prizes. 

Why join Wallet Watch? 

There are many tools out there to help you save more and spend less, but participating in our Wallet Watch Challenge comes with a bunch of unique benefits: 

Commitment-Accountability-Icon.jpgWallet Watch provides a system for you to hold yourself accountable by monitoring your finances with our customizable Spending Plan.

We will also be emailing you with a weekly leaderboard. When you sign up, simply choose a unique username so you can see how you stack up. 

Professional Advice: businessman-512334x335.png
You will also have direct contact with our team here through regular check-in's to make sure you're following through with the Challenge. You will also receive exclusive educational resources on financial topics that are all backed by our team of trusted advisors.

Point System & Prizes: Along withtrophy-icon_200x200-1-805003-edited.jpg the grand prize of completing Wallet Watch, we will also have mini-challenges along the way. The more you participate in the challenge, the more points you'll earn, which means the more chances you'll have to win prizes.

What should you do next? 

1. Fill out the form to your right to secure your spot in the next Wallet Watch Challenge

2. Download our customizable Spending Plan, which will help you organize and track all of your expenses, build your budget and earn more points throughout the challenge. 

3. The next challenge will begin on July 1st, 2016. Our team member, Beth will be in contact to remind you and provide you with additional resources.

4. Want to start the challenge off right?  Attend our Wallet Watch Webinar on July 1st to earn your first points and be closer to winning a prize. Register here.

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