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MONEY HACKS: Is Roth Right for You?

Alex Assaley, AIF®

Alex Assaley, AIF®

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I recently saw a presentation from one of my amazing peers, Jeanne Fisher - @financialjeanne, and she brought up an important #401(k) stat... “Less than 10% of retirement contributions are going in Roth and yet a vast majority of investors and savers should be saving Roth.”

The decision to save in your 401(k) either Pre-tax or Roth is an important one, based on basically one key point: which allows you to pay the least amount in taxes over your lifetime? In this Money Hacks episode, I explain why more people should be saving Roth now. If you want more information on Roth vs. traditional 401(k), check out our content on MoneyNav.

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MONEY HACKS: Where’s my Money, Equifax?

In 2017, Equifax had a massive security breach and they’ve agreed to a nearly $700 million settlement payout. The settlement states that an individual who had his or her data hacked is eligible to receive either up to ten years of free credit monitoring or claim a $125 payment. To determine if you are among the more than 140 million Americans whose information was compromised by the Equifax breach, use the Equifax claim verification form. In this Money Hacks episode, I explain why most people will probably never see that $125... but why credit monitoring is key! If you want more information on the Equifax breach check out our article here.

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MONEY HACKS: What Do You Need to Know About Insurance?

We speak with many investors, savers, and employees with questions about insurance. While health insurance is a common topic and benefit for most, many individuals and families don’t fully recognize the importance or value of four (4) other types of insurance, as well as key questions – what kind should I have, how much do I need, what does my employer offer?

In this Money Hacks episode, I’m joined by my good friend and financial planning guru, Jason Dahl. He’ll answers some of these questions here.

Also, if you want more be sure to check out our other insurance articles from Jason on MoneyNav and reach out to us with any questions!

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MONEY HACKS: What to Expect with New Pet Expenses?

Pets are a big commitment, and before making any decisions you need to make absolutely sure you’re ready for it. So, whether you’re adopting or buying a new “best friend,” will impact your wallet. We tried to shoot a video with my new friend Keelie¸ a loving puggle puppy… but we really didn’t get to say much. So check out some of these resources on expected (and unexpected) pet expenses to consider: How much does it cost to care for a puppy and Can you afford a furry friend? 

In this video, I’m joined by my new friend Keelie, a loveable puggle puppy. We go through some of the first time pet expenses to be aware of and if you want to learn more about Keelie please check out this article

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MONEY HACKS: Is FOMO Impacting Your Savings?

Over the last several years, a new “condition” called FOMO, or the ‘fear of missing out,’ has struck people across the globe, young and old. The idea: we are afraid of missing out on an experience – something cool! So, instead of being prudent – we just do it, which often means spending instead of saving. For example, let’s say your friend invites you to a concert hundreds of miles away. While you really don’t have the money saved to take the trip, you do it anyways because you’re worried you’ll be left out. In this video, I talk about a recent article citing FOMO as a major disruption to our finances and my view on how you can resist the overspending to enjoy more of your life.  Also, here’s the initial article.

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MONEY HACKS: Innovated Ideas from Our Employee Benefits Symposium

Last week, we hosted our annual Employee Benefits Symposium with over 75 HR, Finance, and Benefit Professionals joining us. There were a handful of takeaways for anybody to think about – for instance, David Schneier from Fidelity spoke on data and cybersecurity, and his #1 piece of advice… “Don’t Click It”. Throughout the rest of the video, I talk about a few other ideas from the event that we thought were great!

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MONEY HACKS: What’s the True Cost of Home Ownership?

Spring has officially sprung and this is the time of year many folks are looking to buy a house, townhouse, or condo. Home ownership is an exciting moment in anyone’s life! It can also be a stressful period given the large chunk of money you are investing towards the place you live. In this video, I’ll talk about some forgotten (or hidden) costs you should financially prepare for when considering home ownership.

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MONEY HACKS: What You Brings You Joy?

What do you know about “Tidying Up?” The consultant and organizational expert, Marie Kondo, has been inspiring people around the world on with her books and Netflix show… and she also inspired this week’s video. Can we extend her mindset to reduce the financial clutter in our lives and help make a better plan for each dollar? In this video, I’ll share some of my thoughts and why finding joy in your spending is so important.

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