MONEY HACKS: What Do You Need to Know About Insurance?

We speak with many investors, savers, and employees with questions about insurance. While health insurance is a common topic and benefit for most, many individuals and families don’t fully recognize the importance or value of four (4) other types of insurance, as well as key questions – what kind should I have, how much do I need, what does my employer offer?

In this Money Hacks episode, I’m joined by my good friend and financial planning guru, Jason Dahl. He’ll answers some of these questions here.

Also, if you want more be sure to check out our other insurance articles from Jason on MoneyNav and reach out to us with any questions!

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MoneyNav Academy Worksop: What's Next? Life After Work Workshop

Kacy Reece

Kacy Reece

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We focus on the key decisions in the final few years of your working career. While this presentation covers critical components to ensure your money will last throughout your retirement, an even greater emphasis is placed on the “softer side” of retirement. We find that very few people take the time to think through the various non-money related areas that create a truly successful retirement. This requires some thoughtful planning to help keep you socially engaged, utilize your talents to serve/volunteer/give back, as well as doing some serious relaxing for all your years of hard work.

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MONEY HACKS: What to Expect with New Pet Expenses?

Pets are a big commitment, and before making any decisions you need to make absolutely sure you’re ready for it. So, whether you’re adopting or buying a new “best friend,” will impact your wallet. We tried to shoot a video with my new friend Keelie¸ a loving puggle puppy… but we really didn’t get to say much. So check out some of these resources on expected (and unexpected) pet expenses to consider: How much does it cost to care for a puppy and Can you afford a furry friend? 

In this video, I’m joined by my new friend Keelie, a loveable puggle puppy. We go through some of the first time pet expenses to be aware of and if you want to learn more about Keelie please check out this article

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MONEY HACKS: Is FOMO Impacting Your Savings?

Over the last several years, a new “condition” called FOMO, or the ‘fear of missing out,’ has struck people across the globe, young and old. The idea: we are afraid of missing out on an experience – something cool! So, instead of being prudent – we just do it, which often means spending instead of saving. For example, let’s say your friend invites you to a concert hundreds of miles away. While you really don’t have the money saved to take the trip, you do it anyways because you’re worried you’ll be left out. In this video, I talk about a recent article citing FOMO as a major disruption to our finances and my view on how you can resist the overspending to enjoy more of your life.  Also, here’s the initial article.

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