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Dennis Elias

Financial Planning Associate

  • (301) 951-2642

Dennis Elias

Financial Planning Associate

Why I get up in the morning:
As a recent college grad, I get up everyday ready to learn and absorb new information in order to refine and implement what I experience, so that I may continually grow and become one of the best at what I do. As a financial planning student, I have come to enjoy the idea of one day being able to help clients through all aspects of their life and reaching their financial goals.

How I got here:
My parents imparted strict lessons relating to money and, on top of the two financial meltdowns that came early in my life, an emphasis on money and finance has always been a large part of my everyday life. These impactful events drove me to discover how I could learn more and not only help myself, but help and educate others on how and why they should manage their lives and money together as one. When putting the two side by side, I believe we can lessen the negative impact we saw on many Americans through the tech bubble and the great recession.

Through my discovery of the financial planning track at Virginia Tech I learned that there was indeed a way to provide this advice in a genuine and effective way. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Virginia Tech in 2015, and am now working here at AFS in order to reach this goal of being able to give advice to those who are genuinely looking to achieve great things in their business and life.  

What I do really well:
My focus on achieving goals and completing tasks in an efficient and effective manner is something I take great value in, and is one of my strongest skills. Building relationships and communicating well with both my team and clients is one of the most powerful tools I have when it comes to helping clients reach their goals. Together, with my team here at AFS, I help with the daily operational tasks that go into managing our clients’ finances and ensure that these processes move along smoothly and efficiently.

Also, I’m a fluent Spanish speaker which means I also get to assist our Spanish-speaking employees whenever they need assistance from us.

I work best with those who truly care and are interested in helping themselves, their employees, or their clients achieve their goals, all other factors aside. I believe that when everyone is “all in” your achievements come at a faster and much more effective rate.    

What I’m most interested in for the retirement industry today:
Currently, with the uncertainty of programs such as Social Security, pensions, and the volatility of the early 2000s, I believe that finding ways to fund and sustain your retirement accounts is a growing area of concern for millions of Americans. With these concerns has come the rise of the 401(k) plan, which is becoming integral to many looking to save for their retirement. As it becomes a larger part of retirement readiness, we hope to help employers and their clients know all the in’s and out’s of managing these plans in an effective manner.  

Who I am Really
As a lifelong D.C area resident, I have grown to love my city, including all of the sports teams. Out of work, I enjoy staying active at the gym, spending quality time with friends and family, and cooking. Cooking is one of my great passions and if I could be a chef on the side I would, or at least make it to MasterChef someday.