Ready for Your Next Big Budgeting Challenge?



 July 1, 2019 - August 31, 2019 

Presented by AFS 401(k) Retirement Services

What is the Wallet Watch Challenge? 

Our interactive 60-day Wallet Watch Challenge comes with a toolkit of resources, accountability features, and a bunch of exclusive benefits to help you jumpstart your financial life.

Why Should You Participate? 

According to the National Financial Educators Council3 out of every four Americans say they aren't saving enough, only 56% have an emergency savings fund, and student loan debt exceeds $1.1 Trillion. Almost everyone we know wants to do a better job managing their money, so join our free challenge today! During the challenge you'll:

Achieve Financial Freedom:

You will have direct contact with our team through regular check-in's to make sure you're following through with the goals you have set for the challenge. You will also receive exclusive educational resources on financial topics that are all backed by our team of trusted advisors.

Compete Against Friends & Colleagues:


Challenge your friends and encourage each other throughout the 60-days. You can then check out weekly leaderboard updates to see how you stack-up against one another and provide that extra motivation to conquer each obstacle. 

Win Awesome Prizes:


When checking your weekly standing on the leaderboard, also check out how many points you have accumulated along your journey. Each participant who earns at least 75 points will receive an awesome prize! 

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How is Our Challenge Unique? 

Well for starters our Wallet Watch Challenge comes at no cost to you and you'll be delivered financial resources by our team of trusted advisors. Each week, you'll receive an email from us on topics ranging from budgeting basics and debt reduction to credit cards and emergency savings. Through our weekly check-ins, we'll provide you with actionable steps you can take to develop critical "smart" money habits and improve your financial health. Like we might challenge you to refrain from using your credit card for an extended amount of time or brown-bagging your lunch for a month. 

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