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Are Credit Card Rewards All They're Lauded to Be?

There are a lot of champions for credit card rewards programs - if you’re going to be spending the money anyway, you should take advantage of receiving free stuff in return, right? In theory, the idea of a rewards card is very appealing, and can often feel like a small win whenever you redeem your points, miles, cash, or whatever it may be.

For those who are able to use a credit card and pay it off in full every month without fail, then sure, go for it – beat the credit card companies at their own game. However, studies have shown the majority of Americans are not following this process, making the perks that come with a rewards card fail to outweigh the negative effects of carrying a balance.

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The 3 Most Important (Retirement Savings) Questions to Ask Every Year

We're coming into the busiest time of year, and naturally your schedule may be filling up with family gatherings, delicious food, and year-end adventures. 

Before you get consumed by holiday parties and egg nog, take a moment and ask yourself these three questions to make sure you are ringing in the New Year knowing your retirement plan is in good order and up to date.

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Imagining Life in Retirement: 3 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself First

Retirement may be a dream you've been working towards your entire career. Your last day of work might be an exciting occasion where you will now be able to see how all your hard work and savings comes to fruition moving forward in this next phase of life. For others, retirement does not necessarily conjure the same images of leisure, travel and relaxation after a long career. Many people feel anxiety around transitioning into retirement: They might not have enough saved, don't have a plan, or simply are unsure of what life will bring when they aren't working. 

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Credit Card Considerations:  4 Things You Might Be Forgetting

Chances are you have been wooed by a credit card company at some point in your life. Whether through promises of amazing rewards, low-interest rates, or payment forgiveness, credit card companies will do almost anything to get your business. Plus, credit cards have become an everyday necessity for many people, as illustrated by the fact that the average U.S. household held over $15,000 in credit card debt in 2015.

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Emergency Savings Basics

One of the key pillars to financial wellness is building an ample emergency fund. We know

it: how easy it is to succumb to everyday temptations instead of putting more money away for a rainy day. We have some simple steps which you can implement today to help you build a cushion for when you need

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