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Financial Jargon Defined: Self-Insurance

As we said last month, the world of finance and investments is notorious for its extensive use of jargon. With a goal of enhancing financial literacy and making the finance world more transparent, we are committing to a “monthly jargon” post that will focus on debunking various financial terms that are continuously used sans explanation. This month, we are addressing “self-insurance.”

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Is Disability Insurance Worth it?

Insurance: security, protection, coverage – overall, a comforting word that we welcome, especially in terms of our financial lives. There are numerous types of insurances in the financial world, and the variety of options can be daunting at times. Disability insurance is one type under the insurance umbrella that is often overshadowed by its peers, life and health insurance, despite it being just as important of a part in terms of your overall financial plan.

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When Do You Need Life Insurance Coverage?

In the purest forms, life insurance is protection. It provides flexibility to your loved ones if you’re no longer around. For most people, talking about their own demise can be difficult. But in reality, it’s only a small fraction of the puzzle that makes up your financial picture. When thinking about life insurance, three common questions usually pop up - Do I need it? How much should I get? What options do I have?

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4 Social Security Misconceptions

What comes to mind when you think of Social Security? Chances are, not a whole lot. Or maybe the details are unclear to you. Despite the fact that Social Security benefits are the only guaranteed income most Americans will have in retirement, most of us don't seem to give it too much thought, or understand how this valuable benefit works. However, for most Americans, their retirement plans depend crucially on Social Security.

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The Budget Deal & Social Security: We Weigh in on the Changes

As you may have heard, President Obama signed into law the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 that, apart from averting a catastrophic default and delaying further arguments regarding federal spending, makes some drastic changes to the way people can claim their Social Security benefits. While we are still piecing together the full picture, essentially the process known as "file and suspend" will no longer be available. 

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