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MONEY HACKS: What Do You Need to Know About Insurance?

We speak with many investors, savers, and employees with questions about insurance. While health insurance is a common topic and benefit for most, many individuals and families don’t fully recognize the importance or value of four (4) other types of insurance, as well as key questions – what kind should I have, how much do I need, what does my employer offer?

In this Money Hacks episode, I’m joined by my good friend and financial planning guru, Jason Dahl. He’ll answers some of these questions here.

Also, if you want more be sure to check out our other insurance articles from Jason on MoneyNav and reach out to us with any questions!

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Is Disability Insurance Worth it?

Insurance: security, protection, coverage – overall, a comforting word that we welcome, especially in terms of our financial lives. There are numerous types of insurances in the financial world, and the variety of options can be daunting at times. Disability insurance is one type under the insurance umbrella that is often overshadowed by its peers, life and health insurance, despite it being just as important of a part in terms of your overall financial plan.

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Adulting 101: How to Make Sense of Insurance for Millennials

Kacy Reece

Kacy Reece

Blog Post

As a millennial, you know all too well that "adulting" can be difficult. That means accomplishing everything from landing a full-time job, making those student loan payments to smaller things, like actually remembering to floss every day. Something that is just as important, but often falls by the wayside: insurance. There's no doubt that, as a whole, this is a confusing topic, but it doesn't have to be. Below, we walk you through the basic questions to ask and actions to take when determining your insurance needs for today and the future.

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