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Teresa A. Raad

Administrative Receptionist

  • (301) 951-2642

Teresa A. Raad

Administrative Receptionist

Why I get up in the morning:
Because every new day holds new experiences, challenges and hopefully a few surprises. 

How I got here:
Having moved many times with my husband for his career, I have been given opportunities to start over and explore a variety professional opportunities. I have worked in accounts payable and receivable, as a receptionist/scheduler, with a great friend on her grant for a study on people living with Parkinson’s disease, and I have worked in the volunteer office at a hospital with people who also found joy in helping others. Through all my life’s changes, I have learned how to take the best from where I have been and put them into my future positions, wherever that might be.

What I do really well:
Help. Whether it is my family, friends, or the people I work with, I have always been someone you can rely on to help get the job done. Having been one of the oldest in my large family, I learned early on that team work and leadership move the task along. Raising three children and seeing them as caring, productive, responsible adults has been my greatest achievement.  

I love working with people who are as excited as I am about helping others, and who have made it part of their spirit to help others in need. I started volunteering at a young age, and have continued to give my time wherever I have moved: from volunteering in a hospital, at my church, as a Girl Scout leader, to working on neighborhood committees. It is my way of giving back.  

Mine is a supporting role here at AFS 401(k) Retirement Services. I am here to help not only the advisors, but the great staff. Each one of the advisors, client service representatives, researchers, marketing team members, and para planners work very diligently everyday on being sure the clients and their concerns are being addressed. Having worked at many companies both large and small, I can say this group is very committed to their work. AFS 401(k) has a group of dedicated and talented people working towards a common goal, and that is evident to me each day.

Who I am really:
I am someone who has learned to adapt to the world around me. My husband Victor and I met in high school, and raised 3 great children. Despite having moved around quite a bit, we have great friends and memories from all of the communities we have lived.

I enjoy spending time with my husband of over 30 years, my children, and of course my dog, Chase. I love to read, listen to music, work on improving my golf game, and spend time with our good friends, because you never know when that next move will come.