• MONEY HACKS: How are You Doing with Retirement Savings?

    Alex Assaley, AIF®

    Special guest and newest member of our AFS 401(k) team, Allison Rosenberg joins me in this Money Hacks episode. She brings years of real-world financial coaching experience and is here to answer one important question — How can you measure if you are on track for your retirement?

    With this simply idea, you don’t need a phone or calculator. All you need is to know how much you have in your retirement account and open ears. We’ll walk you through a simple calculation to determine if you have enough retirement savings. If you find yourself on good terms great but if not we’ll also give a few tips to help you catch up.


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  • VIDEO: How Should You Be Paying Off Your Debt?

    Kacy Reece

    Do you feel like you have your finances under control? The fact is most Americans have $38,000 in personal debt, excluding home mortgages. In the face of debt, it can feel overwhelming but you're not alone. In the video below, we discuss two methods of debt repayment, the snowball and avalanche method. Which method is best for your finances?

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  • Do You Struggle with Being a Primary Caregiver?

    Do You Struggle with Being a Primary Caregiver?

    As a growing number of Americans begin to provide caregiving assistance to aging parents and family members, the need for caregiver support is quickly rising. In fact, 34.2 million Americans have provided unpaid care to an adult age 50 or older in the last 12 months and, at 60%, the majority of caregivers are female. Although becoming a caregiver for a loved one is not something you can necessarily predict or anticipate, it is something you can take small steps to prepare for financially.

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  • Crucial Questions to Ask When Applying for Your Mortgage

    Crucial Questions to Ask When Applying for Your Mortgage


    This content was originally published on the Apex Home Loans blog 

    Whether you’re ready to buy a home, considering a refinance, or simply weighing your mortgage options, arming yourself with the right questions will benefit you greatly in the long run. Before you sit down to speak with your mortgage banker, take note of these five questions to enhance your lending knowledge, prepare yourself, and build upon your ability to address any concerns you might have. 

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  • Infographic: Top 5 Things Every Beginning Investor Needs to Know About the Stock Market


    When you flip to the financial section of the newspaper there seems to be one thing that everyone is always talking about: The Stock Market. If you're just starting to familiarize yourself with the world of investing, you first need to know what everyone is talking about when they refer to this ubiquitous term.

  • VIDEO: How Can Compound Interest Work for You?

    How Compound interest works for youCompound interest is an essential concept to understand when balancing the forces of investing and borrowing. It gives you the ability to make stronger money moves. Albert Einstein said compounding interest is the eighth wonder of the world and one of man’s greatest invention. 

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