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  • 6 Ways to Save for Your Summer Vacation

    6 Ways to Save for Your Summer Vacation

    Going on a vacation is more than just taking a break from the stress of your day-to-day and having a good time - it actually keeps you healthier.

    Fewer Americans are going on vacation now than in the past: Data suggests that Americans used to take practically three weeks of vacation a year in 2000, but in 2015 they took just slightly more than two weeks. Even when people are on vacation, more than 60% say they keep working remotely. That means over the past 15 years, Americans have lost nearly a week of vacation.

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  • Ready for Your Next Big Budgeting Challenge?

     July 2, 2018 - August 31, 2018 

    Presented by AFS 401(k) Retirement Services

    What is the Wallet Watch Challenge? 

    Our interactive 60-day Wallet Watch Challenge comes with a toolkit of resources, accountability features, and a bunch of exclusive benefits to help you jumpstart your financial life. 

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  • Why are Collective Investment Trusts in Your Portfolio?

    Reviewing collective investment trustsEvery month, millions of working Americans save a portion of their paycheck into some form of retirement savings account such as a 401(k), 403(b), or IRA. While there are a lot of investment vehicles, do you know the type that your 401(k) account is being held in? If you’re saving in your employer-sponsored account, your Plan’s Fiduciaries are responsible for providing and monitoring a diverse investment menu. However, you hold the power to determine how much you want to contribute and where based on the available funds within your plan. One type of retirement investment vehicle that has been quickly growing in popularity are Collective Investment Trusts (CITs). So, what sets them apart from mutual fund investment vehicles?

  • How to Be Successful in the 4 Most Important Stages of Your Money Life

    4 stages title-1.jpgAre you thinking of ways to improve your final picture? No matter what your age, taking steps towards securing your financial life is always important. But how do you know what steps to take? Not surprisingly, things may be drastically different for someone in their 20s compared with those in their 60s.

    This article will walk you through the four main age demographics from millennials to those entering the golden age of retirement and how handling each stage differently can make all the difference when it comes to doing your "money life" right.

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