Retirement Readiness and Plan Success

You invest a lot in your employees, so you should be certain that your benefits work and your employees appreciate them. We can help you assess the overall retirement plan, including its design and efficacy, to ensure it is actually getting your employees on the path to retirement.

Retirement Readiness

The Retirement Readiness analysis allows you to set and track retirement goals on a plan-wide level. This powerful tool allows you to monitor the health of your plan and the progress toward established goals.

With just a few easily obtained data points, we can provide each of your employees:

  • What they are likely to need during retirement
  • Monthly retirement income projection
  • Retirement income gap analysis with actionable steps to improve

Plan Success

The Plan Success Behavioral Audit system recognizes the human element in financial decision-making and uses it to your employees’ advantage. By acknowledging behavioral tendencies, and building strategies around them, we develop an optimal approach for your plan and your employees.

The Plan Success Behavioral Audit evaluates the following three key success measures:

  • Participation Health Index
  • Deferral Health Index
  • Investment Menu Health Index