Why Are Employee Participation Rates So Important?

Alex Assaley, AIF®

Alex Assaley, AIF®

Blog Post

 If you are responsible for overseeing your company's retirement plan, then you know that a key measurement of success is employee participation rates. Of course your plan's participation helps employees save as much as they can for retirement, but it also ties directly to passing nondiscrimination tests. You may think that you're doing everything the right way when it comes to your plan by providing a broad range of investment options, having a match in place, and being in compliance with agencies such as the DOL and IRS. These factors alone do not ensure your employees will enroll and save. This begs the question: What good is a retirement plan benefit if people aren't using it? If you're wondering why your numbers aren't where you'd like them to be, here are a few problem areas you may consider modifying.  

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