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State of Emergency: Your Employees "Rainy Day" Fund

As employee benefits professionals, much of your focus is probably towards ensuring employees are saving in the company-sponsored retirement plan. Participation rates, deferral amounts, and match formulas might fill your day-to-day thoughts on the financial standing of employees, and it's for good reason: An employer-sponsored retirement plan has steadfastly become the primary vehicle people in the United States use to save for their futures. 

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New Research: Does Financial Wellness Live Up to the Hype?

Alex Assaley, AIF®

Alex Assaley, AIF®

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It's no secret that financial literacy is not a strong skill for many Americans. In a recent study, it was noted that nearly two-thirds of adults couldn't pass a basic financial literacy test. That fact is not too surprising when you consider that currently, only 4 states require students to take a personal finance class in order to graduate. With rising student loan debt, increases in the cost of living, and medical costs continuing their upward trajectory, how can we get a handle on our financial lives?

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Data Makes a Difference: An Interview with Hugh O'Toole of Viability Advisory Group

Hugh O'Toole, founder of Viability Advisory Group and speaker at our 2016 Employee Benefits Symposium, is disrupting employee benefits with data. After years working for MassMutual heading up retirement plan distribution and relationship management, Hugh O'Toole broke out on his own. With that, Viability Advisory Group was born where he developed a patent-pending analysis program to show companies, based on their specific demographics and benefits offering, how their employees lack of retirement preparedness has long-standing effects not just on those individuals, but on a business as a whole. 

In this interview, we explore Hugh's road to the financial services industry, how his innovative use of data is changing the industry and how he works with CFO's to implement important changes that are good for not just a company, but for everyone. 

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How Do You Know When It's Time for a New Retirement Plan Advisor?

"I think my advisor does everything they're supposed to do."

"Performing an advisor search isn't worth the effort." 

"But... we've been doing business with them for years." 

As a benefits professional, the relationship you have with your retirement advisor is an important one. Their role is to help you navigate some of the most complicated aspects of your job. Listed above are some of the phrases we hear employers use to justify sticking it out with their current advisor, even if the relationship isn’t working. I'm not saying that relationships aren't important in business, but it's not always equitable with getting the best service possible and doing what's right for your organization. What about your employees?

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