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Is Financial Wellness Making an Impact for Employees?

“Are my employees on track for their financial picture?”

It's a question we get asked all the time, and whether you're an employee at an organization, an HR  executive, or a Retirement Plan Committee member, everyone wants to know if financial wellness programs are worth all the “buzz”. In this short video, I give my thoughts on why meaningful financial wellness programs are so essential, and I also encourage anyone to check out our 2017 whitepaper, Beyond Retirement: An Examination of Financial Wellness for Employers. This report aims to provide a clearer picture of what an average working American's financial situation looks like and how organizations can create programs to help their employees reach goals throughout their career for today, tomorrow, and their long-term future. 

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Implementing a Successful Financial Wellness Program [New Frontier of Wellness - Part 3]

While Financial Wellness seems to be one of the most popular trending topics among employee benefits and retirement plan professionals, how does this concept play into the big picture of overall "wellness"? In this New Frontier of Wellness series, AFS 401(k) Advisor, Alex Assaley uses his expertise and experience to explain how Financial Wellness programs are impacting people, why employers should consider them, and how to implement Financial Wellness for your own employees. 

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Cash Management for Retirement Plans: What Should Committees Be Doing?

Every CFO and their finance department is intently focused on managing the corporation or organization’s cash and bottom line. Metrics are reviewed monthly, if not more frequently, to understand the company’s revenues, liabilities, budget, capital reserves, and operating capital (cash). Additionally, concerted efforts are made to get the best return on a corporation’s cash assets – which in the large corporate market can serve as a catalyst to acquisition activity, stock buybacks, and other strategies.

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