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Charitable Giving for Companies

Although tax reform has previously been antonymous with simplification, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2018 did actually simplify things. The simplifications came in the form of limiting or eliminating certain deductions and increasing the standard deduction; however, these changes did make it more difficult to itemize. How does this impact a company or a corporation looking to partake in philanthropic endeavors? The good news is there were no major changes via the new tax law for charitable contributions; however, some of the limitation adjustments have made donors develop a more informed giving process. In this post, we discuss the benefits and various strategies organizations can leverage when engaging charities and non-profit organizations.

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Which Unique Flavor is Your Investment Menu?

For many companies and organizations, the task of crafting the perfect investment menu can be an overwhelming mission; but it doesn’t need to be. It can be as simple as picking a dish from a menu. A well-made investment lineup is similar to the restaurant menu that offers just the right amount of options to make selecting the perfect dish an enjoyable experience.

When we’re constructing an investment menu for our clients, we advise committee members to build-out their investment menu to satisfy three types of investors: 1) the active investor, 2) the passive investor, and the 3) do-it-for-me investor. First and foremost, committee members need to be familiar with their plan's investment policy statement in order to design the line-up fittingly. Below, we detail a few items often included in a well-rounded investment menu.

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Brexit: Our Observations for Investors

By now, you’ve probably become quite familiar with the term “Brexit”. This is the shorthand way of referring to the UK leaving the economic and political partnership known as the European Union. While the vote that took place on Thursday, June 23, 2016, will have many far reaching consequences, the effect on the financial markets is definitely worth strong consideration on the part of investors. Here, we explain what we know now, our observations and what this could potentially mean for you moving forward. 

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