Financial Wellness in the Workplace

Business team discussing the graphs in the office

Earlier this summer, our team hosted our first virtual “symposium-style” event focused on addressing some of the industry's hot topics and trends, including Financial Wellness in the Workplace; Regulatory and Legislative Initiatives for Retirement and Benefits Plans; and The Future for ESG Investing. While the live event was over six hours long, we have created this series of shorter highlight videos so you can easily digest and use this valuable and informative information within your own organization. 

Our first highlight video series is from the "Financial Wellness in the Workplace" panel, moderated by AFS 401(k) consultant Allison Rosenberg. She sat down with two of the area’s top Human Resources leaders – Maggie Crutchfield, Director of Human Resources of the National Women's Law Center, and Felipe Confiño, Vice President, Human Resources & Organizational Development of Signal Financial Federal Credit Union to discuss the strategies and tools they use to engage with their workforce and enhance company culture. Here's are a few of the moments from their session together: 


What Role Do You Want Vendors to Play for Your HR Team and Employees?


What Red Flags Do You See with Vendor Partnerships?


How Do You Know if a Benefits Program or Financial Wellness Program is Working for Your Employees?