Trends and Innovations in Employee Benefits: Ideas You Need to Know


For the past several years, we've produced an annual Trends and Innovations in Employee Benefits report. This report compiles some of the biggest trends, ideas, and initiatives impacting organizations and companies with respect to employee benefits, engagement, and human capitol management. As we prepared for our tenth installment our team worked diligently to continue our mission of delivering fresh, forward-thinking topics with high quality ideas shared from industry leaders, practitioners, and peers. Employer-sponsored retirement plans, and more broadly employee benefits, are in an evolutionary “mode”. Though regulatory oversight and compliance tend to keep significant burdens on employers and their Benefits Committees, new technologies, shifts in workplace priorities, and efforts to maximize “ROI” are bringing about new ideas, benefit design structures, and plenty of trends, buzzwords, and hot topics for all of us to consider as we strive to create worthwhile, effective, and compliant programs that meet the needs of a multi-generational and multi-faceted workforce.

We remain steadfast in our mission – to help working Americans enjoy their life, all of it; and to do this, we strive to make retirement plans simple. Through the last 12+ years, our team has met individually with thousands of working Americans, and we continue to learn from these experiences – most of all that they are looking for simple and straightforward help with their finances, for today, tomorrow, and their long-term future. This report encompasses some of our best ideas on these topics.

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