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Contact Elizabeth

Elizabeth K. Rehbehn, CPFA®;

Director of Financial Wellness

  • (301) 951-2642

Elizabeth K. Rehbehn, CPFA®;

Director of Financial Wellness

Why I get up in the morning:
It isn’t difficult to get up every morning when you love what you do. It is a joy to work with a great, supportive team, focusing on projects that stimulate your mind and help others. The time I have spent with AFS has truly been enlightening, and I can’t wait to learn and grow even further. 

How I got here:
I often joke about being the “black sheep” of the office. After earning my B.A. in English from the University of Mary Washington, I went on to work in the service industry, where I managed and promoted a membership program for a local Virginia winery. I joined AFS in March of 2014, beginning what I like to call my “real world” career. (A native of Bethesda, I didn’t mind the commute too much either). 

The transition from the wine industry to finance wasn’t as large of a leap as you might expect – instead of teaching people about wine, I’m working to help build awareness about savings and finances. I lead the Financial Wellness team at AFS and help to build educational programs and challenges that encourage everyone to take control of their finances today and into the future. I'm an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) through Global Retirement Partners (GRP).

What I do really well:
I love working and collaborating with our team to develop customized programs and services for our clients. I am passionate about finding fresh, innovative ways to connect with employees and participants. I am dedicated to delivering consistent, professional, high-level support for our team and our clients, wherever my help may be needed.

What I’m most interested in for the retirement industry today:
I am thrilled to see the emergence of Financial Wellness programs. Historically, there has been a mystique surrounding the finance industry, and I believe financial wellness and literacy programs are vital in breaking down any barriers that might intimidate someone from taking control of their finances. By going back to the basics, developing good habits, and focusing on taking proactive steps, no matter how small, we can truly help build a stable financial future, so we can get back to enjoying life. 

Who I am really:
The youngest of four, I love spending time with my family and solidifying my "favorite Aunt" status with my nieces and nephews. I also wasn’t able to stay away from the wine industry too long and can often be found on the weekends exploring the Virginia wine region with my wine-industry family. An avid traveler, I often have an upcoming trip planned, whether it’s a weekend trip to New York or an adventure abroad.

Like many people during the pandemic, I adopted a puppy – a Norwegian Elkhound named Brix. I developed a passion for dog training and in the Spring of 2021, I began volunteering and assisting the dog trainers at the non-profit organization, Your Dog’s Friend, in Rockville, MD.